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Taki Taki Lyrics

Taki Taki Lyrics

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Title : Taki Taki Lyrics
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Baca juga

Taki Taki Lyrics

Taki Taki is Dj Snake's production and featured by Cardi B, Ozuna and Selena Gomez.

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Taki Taki Lyrics.


Bailame Comoo Sii Fueraa Laa Ultimaa Vezz   OOohh...

Ye Ensenamee Esee Pasitoo Quee Noo See Yea-Yea..

Unn Basito Bien Suavecitoo Babe...

Takii Takii Takii Takii Erumbaa...


Hii Music Hii Flow Snake JaaJaa

Baeilame Comoo Sii Fueraa La Ultimaaaa Vez OHH OHHH

Ye Ensename Ese Pasitoo Quee Noo See OHHH OOHH...

Unn Basito Bieen Suavecitoo babe..

Takii Takii OHH OOH

Takii Takii Yeaaa Yeaaa


Takii Takii..

Quieree Unn Basito O Un Naquii..

Booti  Explotaa Como Nagasakii aki

Prendee Loss Motores Kawasakii !kawasaki

Quee La Discoo Esta LLenaa...

Ye LLegaron Los Anunnakiss |Eee Eh

Noo Lee bajess..

Ell booti Sobresalee Dee Tuu trajee...

Noo Trajoo Pantisitoo Paa Que El Nenee No Trabajae

Ess Que Yoo Mee See Loo Quee Ellla Cre Quee Ellaa See Sabee..

Cuentaa Que Noo Quieree Peroo Mee Tienne Espionajee |Eee-Ehh

Ell Booti Sobresalee Dee Tuu Trajee

Noo Trajoo Pantisitoo Paa Quee Ell Nenee No Trabajee..

Es Que YOo Mee Se Lo Que Ela Cre Quee Ela Se Sabee

Cuentaa Que No Quiere Pero Mee Tienee Espionajee |Eee EEHHH

Bailame Comoo Sii Fueraa Laa Ultimaa Vezz...

Ye Ensename Esee Pasitoo Quee Noo See..

Unn Basito Bieen Suavecitoo babe..

Taki Takii Takii Takii Rumba

Woo Ooh  OOh Ooh

Hiii Music Hiiii Floww

Cardi B

He Said He Want to touch it and tease it and squeze it.

Well My Piggy Bank Is Hungry My Nigga

Yoo Need To Feed it...

If the text aint freaky I don't wanna read it,

And just to let you know.This punanii is undefeated Ayye

He said he really wanna see me more....

I said We should Have A Date where...

 At The Lamborghinii Store

I am Kinda Scary Hard To Read I am like A Ouijaa Board

But I Am A Boss Bitch

Who you gonna leave me for....

You Hoes Got No Class...

You Bitches Is Broke Still

I'LL Be Talking Cash Shit While..

 I Am Poopping my gold grill...

I Am A whole Rich Bitch

And I work like I Bm Broke Still

But The Love Be So Fake

But The Hate Be So Real uuuuhh...

Ell Booty Sobresale Dee Mii Trajee..

Noo Trajee Pantisito Pa Que El Nene No Trabajee...

Ess Que Yoo Mee Se Loo Quee tu Cree Que Tu No sabee...

Dice Que No Quiere Pero Se Quieree Comerr Ell Equipaje


Bailame Como Sii Fueraa La Ultima Veez

Ye Ensename Ese Pasito Que Noo See...

Un Basito Bieen Suavecito babe

Taki Takii... Takii Takii Erumba..

Woo Ooh ohh Oooooooh...

Selena Gomez

DJ Snake

Carefull When You Come Through My Way

My Body Already Know How To Play

Work It Keep It Tight Everyday

And i i i Know You Need A taste....


You’re Falling In Love

Give A little OOohh Ooohhh

 Get It Well Done.

Dancing On My OOh

 Make Your Girl Wanna Run..

We Keep Movin Till The Sun Come Up

Porquee I Am The party

Yooo soeee Fiestaa...

Blow Out Your candles

 Then Hav A Siestaa

They Can Try

Peroo Noo One Can Stop mee...

What My Takii Takii Wants


My Takii Takii Gets UUUh...

Bailame Comoo Sii Fuera La Ultima Veez

Ye Ensename Ese Pasito Que No Se

Un Basito Bien Suavecito babe

Takii Takii Takii Takii Erumba

Wooo OOoh OOhh OOOhhh

Hi Music Hi Flow...

Takii Takii

Takii Takii

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